All this discussion of God lacks a definition of God. I have my own analysis.

Physicists trace the origin of the universe to a single point of matter and energy that exploded to create the universe. That explosion was dubbed the Big Bang. Symmetrically, at the end of the universe, everything in the universe collapses into that point. Time is circular and has no beginning and no end. This view solves the quandary of what came before the Creation: There is no God because there is no unique moment when the universe was created. just as a circle has no starting point.

I want to create a blog on Medium, and also a place to archive longer-form essays. Monetization is not important to me, so suggestions about how to structure my stories to monetize them don't help me.

I've already created a publication, Pensées, but I haven't been able to figure out a good way to structure it. I want to have just two sections, "Essays" and "Commentaries". and be able to organize the essays. by topic. The commentaries would be like the "what's on your mind" feature of Facebook--in other words, a more-or-less daily journal.

That's all I need.

There's a back story here that I'd love to know. How did you manage to be singled out among all the young climate activists in the world to be the one to gain access to the podium at the UN General Assembly? Surely it's not the uniqueness of your message, nor even your youth; there are many other youthful climate activists with the same message.

The biggest problem in addressing your message to "the people in power" who are sympathetic to it is that they are very likely to say to themselves, "Who, me? It's those other guys out there who are the problem.". Meanwhile,people like Robert Murray, the founnder and CEO of Murray Energy, the largest privately held coal company in the United States, thumb their noses at you and continue on their merry (destructive) way.

This article struck a chord with me because of my own near-death experience. I fell in the shower and banged my head. The next thing I knew, the EMTs were standing over me and, as I later learned, my blood pressure was dropping rapidly. If they hadn't intervened, I would have died.

During this experience, I felt extremely peaceful. I expected to die any minute, but the thought did not upset me. That sense of peacefulnes was what I most remember about the episode.

Paul Abrahams

Paul Abrahams


Paul Abrahams is a retired computer scientist living in Deerfield, Massachusetts. President of ACM from 1986 to 1988, he now writes philosophical essays.