The Great Replacement Theory is right — in a perverted way.

The Great Replacement Theory being pushed by Tucker Carlson and his murderous acolytes has an element of truth, but it is insanely misdirected. Yes, a Great Replacement is indeed taking place, but it has little to do with immigration: the old (and I’m of course one of them) are being replaced by the young. American birthrates are going down in general, but they seem to be going down especially fast among the Christian evangelical right.

Immigration is adding to this replacement, but is far from the main driver of it. The Radical Right is doomed, though its effective demise may take decades. There’s a good chance that the presidential election of 2032 will mark the end of the Radical Right as a significant force — or so I hope.




Paul Abrahams

Paul Abrahams is a retired computer scientist living in Deerfield, Massachusetts. President of ACM from 1986 to 1988, he now writes philosophical essays.